In 10 years of existence, Filling Pieces grew from one single shoe to an international fashion brand with full footwear, clothing and accessories collections. Bridging the Gap: 10 years of Filling Pieces follows creative director Guillaume Philibert and his colleagues on this journey. From the very first steps within the fast-moving world of fashion, until the moment where Guillaume is standing at a unique crossroad for himself and the company. It's boys becoming men, friends and brothers becoming entrepreneurs. Humble but determined to change the rules of fashion. Open about the pitfalls and challenges along the way.


Director Joey Boink Executive Producers Stefan Tielemans & Nanneke Landman Director of Photography Jeroen Klokgieters Editor Joshua Menco  Composer Benjamin Braasem Colorist Bart Voorsluis Sound Tony Streefkerk & Noah Pepper Online Editor Ferhat Karagul Post Production Boye Rijs Artwork Brian Elstak

VICE & Filling Pieces | 2021