Gold is everywhere in Suriname, from political power to what the locals wear on their fingers, the effects of gold mining seep into all aspects of society. The industry is a necessary source of income for many Surinamese, but it’s also destroying the environment, bad for public health, and rife with corruption. VICE Netherlands went to Suriname to see how gold is intertwined with everyday life in the country. They ride along with ‘Jungle’ Ronnie Brunswick – an ex-rebel leader who waged a violent civil war but is now a successful businessman, owning thousands of hectares of gold mining land. VICE Netherlands also witnessed the dangers of mercury, which is used widely in the recovery of gold, and visited Benzdorp, where everything in life is paid for with gold.

Director & Camera Joey Boink Producer Felix van Es Host & Research Gwen Pol Research Fleur Launspach Editor Rik Sluijk Local Producer Nancy de Randamie Audiomix Benjamin Braasem Coloring Bart Voorsluis Head of production Lea Fels Head of Content Perre van den Brink Executive producer Sjoerd Raaijmakers & Eddy Moretti

 | 2016